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This is a customizable listing. Upon purchasing, customer must:

  • send an e-mail (NOT a DM) to with their name and order number in the subject
  • attach a photo of themselves, a friend, a character(s), or whomever the earrings should be meant to resemble (if you are building your own original character(s) then this obviously doesn't apply!)

DO NOT USE THIS LISTING TO ORDER THE “All For Us” EUPOHRIA INSPIRED EARRINGS, JENNIFER CHECK EARRINGS, MEDUSA, or MIDSOMMAR 2 EARRINGS! I will immediately refund you, as these pairs have a higher price point. You can use this listing to order Dapne & Velma, Raven & Starfire, or any other character earrings you’ve seen me do that are not on my website.

If you need inspiration or are not sure where to start when building your ghoulfriends, you can always copy paste the following script along with any other requests. Dream big! Otherwise send reference photos.

Hair Details? Color(s)? If so, what kind? (bows, barrettes, headband, colored streaks, hijab)  
Make up? If yes, what kind? (eyeliner/lashes, blush) what colors?  Any mouth/lipstick details?
Facial expression(s)? (sad, neutral, villainous)
Findings: (clasps, clip-ons, fish hooks, default studs)
Clothing details? colors, cut, etc
Other details? beauty marks, earrings, freckles, tongue out, etc etc

Earrings can also be asymmetrical or mismatched, meaning that they don't have to be the same on each ear.

In the event that a request cannot be done, I will contact you using the email used to place your order. Otherwise, if you don't hear from me, you can assume that everything looks good! :) 

PLEASE note that you will not be able to approve this custom before it is sent to you. Ideally you should be comfortable enough with my artistic style to order your earrings not knowing what they will look like. Please allow up to a 3 week processing time unless a rush order is purchased. Upon purchase, I will assume that you have read these terms. 

In the event that you’re unhappy with them upon arrival, please reach out politely! 

If you have any other questions about this listing, please also reach out to me before placing an order. 

Thank you!